About Search Optimizer

I started this SEO site in 2005, mainly because I wanted to keep a record of what I was learning about Internet Marketing and SEO field. The site is made for people that have no clue about Search Engine Optimization or where to start, so you can learn about SEO and how to use all of that yourself to your benefit. Finding the right SEO specialist who can meet your SEO needs can be a daunting process. With so many SEO specialists in the market today, you may find yourself a bit apprehensive about hiring someone to work on your website. Having a web site need not be hugely expensive, on going yearly costs are low compared to traditional media. From a business perspective the internet is great. Increase web site traffic using targeted advertising:

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On Page Optimization,
Off Page Optimization,
Keyword Research,
Blog Installation,
Link broken checking,
Google Business Listing,
Google Product Listing,
Social Media Optimization,
Blog, Articles, Press Release & Videos Submission,
Making Weekly and Monhtly SEO report for the Client.

Internet Marketing field have gained extensive knowledge in SEO, PPC, SMO, Affiliate Marketing and Web 2.0 technologies. Customers are searching for your products, make sure they find you. We are proud to announce that we have a proven track record with only satisfied customers, from all around the Globe. I tell myself each day that I am an Internet strategist. Not sure what that means exactly, but I have a long line of large successes and failures with e-businesses. Our successful SEO projects, over the past eight years, have made us one of the top three SEO specialists in the world today. I’ve also noticed things get more and more competitive in the SERPS recently, with local search being increasingly targeted by SEO’s.

The secret behind my success lies in the fact that we use high quality 100% white hat services to comply with our customers’ SEO and SEM needs. I created this blog with a thought of helping those people who are creating blogs and sites but not getting success, nor obtaining much free traffic from google, as well as from other search engines, or low page rank of their site. One can obtain all the information about seo or search engine optimization from my blog. So things are really heating up! Everything is becoming much more competitive, and it’s going to become increasingly time consuming and expensive to rank for SEO terms whilst also trying to work on current clients. We do not believe in implementing any black hat techniques in any of our SEO campaigns. Combine this with the fact that doing freelance SEO is becoming increasingly time consuming and competitive.

I joined internet marketing officially and start dreaming of a great future ahead. Till now, I didn’t realize the true power of internet marketing but, somewhere I was alert enough to see I was going in the right direction. In sap we use the latest SEO technology and techniques in our SEO campaigns so that we can give you the maximum ROI possible for your money. We provide cost affective pure organic services to our clients. In my blog I would like to exchange ideas, news and tips with other webmasters about SEO, blogging and webmastering in general. Many heads are better than one! Hopefully we will all benefit from putting them together